SDC Task Force Reports Released!

Today, the Sustainable DC Task Force Report and the Age-Friendly Strategic Plan were released!

In November 2013, Mayor’s Order 2013-209, the Sustainable DC Transformation Order, created 10 inter-agency Task Forces to advance specific Sustainable DC Plan goals. The Mayor’s Order was designed to complement Sustainable DC legislation, public/private partnerships around sector pledges, and direct DC government action to integrate sustainability into government operations and programs.

Over the past year, subject-matter experts from 16 “Green Cabinet” agencies in the District government prepared the report, under the direction of the Office of the City Administrator and with the support of three deputy mayors.

The report’s 131 recommendations tackle tough challenges such as increasing access to fresh, healthy food; measuring and improving energy performance in District buildings; making affordable housing greener; and strengthening the link between workforce development and green jobs.

Outside experts provided advice to the Task Force teams and members of the public participated in the process through two public meetings and by submitting comments online. Read more about the 10 sections in the attachments below.

The Age-Friendly Strategic Plan is a coordinated, comprehensive, and collective-action effort whose goal is to ensure that all DC residents are active, connected, healthy, engaged and happy in their environment.

The Mayor’s Task Force Reports include the following:

Combined Task Force Report

Green Economic Development Task Force

Parks and Natural Spaces Public Access Task Force

Green Affordable Housing Task Force

Healthy Design for Affordable Housing Task Force

Food Access and Security Task Force

Green Construction Code Transition Plan Task Force

Building Energy Performance Standards Task Force

Cooperative Plant Management Task Force

Green Government Task Force

District “Health in All Policies” Task Force

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