Sustainable DC 2.0

Just like our city, Sustainable DC is evolving.

Next year, Sustainable DC is turning 5. To reflect changes in city policies, programs, and technologies since the initial release of the plan five years ago, the Department of Energy and Environment is launching a collaborative community engagement process to shape the District’s plan update.

This is Sustainable DC 2.0 – and we want YOU to be a part.


We kicked off this year-long community planning process with a launch party and panel discussion on the future of sustainability in the District on April 19. After hearing from some of the city’s professional sustainability experts, it’s time to turn the focus back to our true experts: District residents, workers, and community partners.

Our goal is to engage with the broadest range of the District community throughout this Sustainable DC plan update process – to hear your ideas, needs, wants, and goals to help build the healthiest, greenest, most livable city in the US.

To do so, Sustainable DC is coming to you. We will be hosting focus groups, open houses, community conversations, and attending city events designed to understand what you think Sustainable DC 2.0 should look like. Here’s what you can do today to get involved:

We spent the month of April focusing on individuals, asking for your #mySDC story. Now, we are broadening the scope, focusing on every voice from all corners of the District and making this #ourSDC.


Preliminary Timeline: 

Phase 1: Intensive Community Engagement

Goal: Understand community priorities

  • Spring/Summer 2017



4/19: Launch SDC 2.0 with panel discussion

4/19: Release short community survey


5/31: Open House 1 (Ward 1)


6/4: Open House 2 (Ward 7)


7/4: First interagency meeting



Release technical survey

Conduct opinion polling research (phone surveys and focus groups)

Community Engagement (pop-up events, community meetings)

Technical consultant analyses current plan


Phase 2: Formal planning

Goal: Develop community-driven draft plan

  • Fall 2017


9/27: Second interagency meeting/call

9/30: Community Survey Closes



Early October: Citywide working group kick-off meeting

Mid October: Third interagency meeting/call

Working groups meet


Working groups meet

Early November: Fourth interagency meeting/call


Draft plan framework: actions and goals

  • Winter/Spring 2018



Technical consultant analyzes rough draft plan

Early April

Release draft framework for public comment

Mid April

Citywide meeting on draft framework

 Late April

Fourth interagency meeting on draft framework


Phase 3: Plan Release

Goal: Finalize plan with input from community

  • Spring/Summer 2018


Release draft plan


Receive feedback on draft plan


Plan design and approvals

Late September

Release final plan!


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