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Sustainable DC Mayor’s Order

The ten sections that make up the Sustainable DC Mayor’s Order will help achieve our vision to make the District of Columbia the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States. Coupled with the  Sustainable DC Act of 2013, this mayor’s order will ensure the District moves further, faster on the path to improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for all District residents. The components of this mayor’s order work together to address challenges laid out in the Sustainable DC Plan: growing jobs and the economy, improving health and wellness, ensuring equity and diversity, and protecting our climate and the environment. The complete mayor’s order is available here: 2013-209 Sustainable DC Transformation Order.

Section 1: Policy Statement

  • Describes the goals of the following initiatives comprising the Mayoral Order and reiterates the purpose and goals of Sustainable DC as articulated in the Sustainable DC working groups and the Sustainable DC Implementation Plan. Further, it ties the challenges identified in the working groups to solutions reflected in the Implementation Plan.

Section 2: Formal Establishment of Green Cabinet

  • Formally establishes the Green Cabinet.

Section 3: Formal Establishment of Sustainable DC

  • Formally establishes Sustainable DC as a mayoral initiative.

Section 4: Sustainability Assessments

  • Requires Sustainable DC to establish tailored requirements for each agency to evaluate their own practices and report those findings to the OCA.

Section 5: Jobs and Economy

  • 5a. Green Economic Development Action Plan: Requires development of a Green Economic Development Action Plan that reflects current pipeline of projects and available job training opportunities

Section 6: Health and Wellness

  • 6a. Parks and Natural Spaces Public Access Plan: Requires an enhancement to Play DC that increased access to public spaces and the resources necessary to achieve it.
  • 6b. Green Housing Action Plan: Sets standards for the green, healthy, and energy efficient rehabilitation of affordable and public housing

Section 7: Equity and Diversity

  • 7a. Healthy by Design Program: Requires development of standards for the design and placement of public and affordable housing to encourage healthy living
  • 7b. Food Access and Security Report: Requires the Office of Planning to study the accessibility of healthy food in neighborhoods.

Section 8: Climate and the Environment

  • 8a. Green Construction Code Transition Plan: Establishes a workgroup to reconcile the differences between Green Building Codes and the Green Building Act.
  • 8b(1-2). Building Energy Performance Standards: Establishes a work group to study building standards in the District for public then privately held buildings.
  • 8b(3). Formalizing the Game Change Initiative: Formalizes DGS’s energy use reduction program that aims to achieve a reduction of 20% in 20 months
  • 8c. Comprehensive Energy Plan: Requires the inclusion of the Mayor’s energy reduction goals into the Comprehensive Energy Plan.
  • 8d. Cooperative Plant Management Group: establishes a workgroup of involved agencies to prioritize use of local plants in District landscaping.

Section 9: Government Process Improvement Task Force

  • Builds a task force of subject matter experts that can find opportunities for the District to green its business practices

Section 10: Health in All Policies Taskforce

  • Establish a Task Force to (1) study the existing models of HiAP established in jurisdictions ranging from Richmond, CA, and King County, WA, to Denver, CO, and Boston, MA, and (2) make recommendations for appropriate legislation establishing HiAP in the District of Columbia.

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