District Sustainability Awards – People’s Choice Award

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American Society of Landscape Architects

Sustainability has been part of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) mission since its founding in 1899 and is an overarching value that informs all of the Society’s programs and operations, including the recent creation of the Center for Landscape Architecture. ASLA has been a leader in demonstrating the benefits of green infrastructure and resilient development practices through the creation of its own green roof, co-development of SITES®, a sustainable land development rating system, and the creation of publicly-accessible sustainable design resources. ASLA is the professional association for landscape architects in the United States, representing more than 15,000 members.   The Society was named an exemplar organization by the Kresge Foundation for its comprehensive approach to educating/engaging members on climate change and received a Director’s Partnership Award by the National Park Service.


City Wildlife, Inc.

“City Wildlife’s programs all support the District’s goals for a green and sustainable city. Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center treats 1,400 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals each year, with the goal of releasing these animals back to their homes in the wild (many are Species of Greatest Conservation Need); our Lights Out DC monitoring program generates valuable data on fatal bird/glass collisions and helps the community address this tragic problem; and our Duck Watch volunteers provide guidance to people who observe duck nests and help the ducklings get to water.  All City Wildlife’s programs foster an appreciation for wildlife and a sense of personal responsibility for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat in our beautiful city.


The DC Dentist

Being a dental office we are in the field of using water, lots of water.  It was extremely important to Dr. Terry Victor to find ways to decrease the offices’ carbon footprint.  The office contains water purification systems and a Dry Vacuum system which helps reduce the amount of water used.  Our sterilization process includes the usage of hospital-grade steam sterilization for all instruments and we adhere to the strictest of standards in infection control.  We do not use harmful cold sterilization chemicals.  We also use a steam autoclave with reusable instrument cloth pockets.  The water for our suction is only turned on when needed so as to eliminate wasting gallons of water at a time.  Our green roof collects water and helps control storm water runoff, retention and saves energy.   There are actually over 30 different ways in which the office is structured to save on the environment.  From the building utilizing wind energy to the patients being treated with biocompatible materials (not harmful to living tissue) to each staff member recycling and learning how to care for themselves without the use of heavy meds but instead through organic nutrients and homeopathic remedies.  We continue to volunteer our time to clean up the Anacostia waterways.  We encourage bike riding to work and many of our patients bike to our office.  In fact we have just begun a yoga class for both patients and Practitioners as part of our “Healing the Healers” series.  The philosophy of our practice is that if we all did a little then a lot could be accomplished in cleaning and sustaining our planet.


Georgetown University

Georgetown plays a leading role in addressing critical sustainability challenges through its academic mission, physical footprint, and financial operations. The university takes an integrated and holistic approach to sustainability, placing value on a “quadruple” bottom line: people, planet, prosperity, and purpose, guided by our Catholic and Jesuit values and our commitment to the common good. We now seek to deepen our impact through additional investments in renewable energy, efficiency, and conservation. On Earth Day 2017, Georgetown announced a major new solar panel initiative that will contribute to a cleaner electric grid, reduce costs and serve low-income residents in the city. We integrate sustainability into the student experience through programs like the annual Switch It Off energy conservation challenge and the Think Global Drink Local waste reduction initiative. Since 2008, all new buildings and major renovations have achieved LEED Silver or higher, with over one million square feet of LEED green building space on campus. Georgetown was also the first university in D.C. to be designated a Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists. Georgetown’s 2017-2018 Core Pathway on Climate Change will allow students to fulfill core and elective requirements through an interdisciplinary collection of courses addressing the complex global challenge of climate change.


Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C.

Over the past few years, The Willard has reexamined their approach to sustainability in their quest to become LEED certified, a challenge for any business let alone one whose structure dates back to 1901.  More aggressive goals have been set in regards to the hotel’s sustainability initiatives with an increased focus on water and waste management, sustainable purchasing, and building sustainable communities through local partnerships.  The environmental impact of the Willard InterContinental (and all hotels within the IHG portfolio) is managed through every stage of the life cycle by IHG Green Engage, an online sustainability tool that tracks the hotel’s use of energy, carbon, water and the management of waste, along with the associated cost savings.  It recommends over 200 Green Solutions, action items that hotels can implement on property to build and operate sustainable hotels, while also providing case studies and implementation plans to reduce the impact the hotel has on the environment.

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