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Sustainable DC is an important component of a larger group of plans and initiatives working together to make the District a more sustainable city.

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In addition to the Sustainable DC Plan, the District has several other major planning initiatives and projects that complement our work.


Climate & the Environment

  • Anacostia 2032 Plan: The District’s plan to make the Anacostia River swimmable and fishable by 2032.
  • Climate Action Plan:  The District’s plan to reduce the carbon footprint of the District government and the community as a whole.
  • DC Clean Rivers Project:  The District’s long-term control plan for controlling combined sewer overflows.
  • DDOT Climate Change Adaptation Plan: The District’s plan to adapt its transit system to a changing climate.
  • Wildlife Action Plan:  Census of wildlife found in the District, including those species in greatest need of conservation.


Equity & Diversity

Government Performance

  • Agency Performance Plans:  A comprehensive list of agency plans that report on metrics and initiatives designed to monitor and improve agency performance.
  • Indices A statistical index of District government services.
  • Independent Agency Annual Reports Annual reports are prepared by several boards, commissions, and independent agencies to highlight goals and objectives, accomplishments, and overall performance.

Health & Wellness

  • DC Healthy People 2020: A shared community agenda for improving population health in DC, framed using a health equity lens and a focus on social determinants of health.
  • Healthy By Design:  A citywide initiative aimed at developing a healthier, more livable, more walkable city.


  • Bridges to Opportunity:  A New Housing Strategy for D.C.:  A plan to create and retain more affordable housing throughout the city.

Jobs & the Economy

  • Five-Year Economic Development Strategy:  A strategic roadmap to transform the District by creating 100,000 new jobs and generate $1 billion in new tax revenue to support city services over the next five years.

Parks & Recreation

  • Play DC:  The vision framework for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.



  • moveDC:  A plan to develop a bold and implementation-focused vision for the District’s transportation future. MoveDC will incorporate and/or replace stand alone “modal” master plans including:
  • Vision Zero: A plan to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries from transportation by 2024, through more effective use of data, education, enforcement and engineering.
  • Public Realm Design Manual:  A comprehensive overview of the policies, standards, and regulations that shapes the District’s public space in a way that is pedestrian friendly and environmentally responsible.

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